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Meet Our Team

Fresh Rootz Family

Noman Siddique

DeAndre Woodson

Noman Siddique - Investor of Fresh Rootz, INC. and Owner Of PTS Therapy

As the primary investor and CEO of Fresh Rootz, INC., Noman's background, as a Former Field Hockey Olympian, has led him into becoming an Entrepreneur, Physical Therapist, and Sports Enthusiast. His contributions to the company focus on business advising and health and wellness professional perspectives. 

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DeAndre Woodson. Co-Owner of Fresh Rootz, INC.

Investor and CFO of Fresh Rootz, INC., DeAndre's background in Information Technology (IT) and as a successful entrepreneur, his contributions to the company focus on business advising, IT departments, and support the foundation of health and wellness. 

Fatima Tekko

Fatima Tekko - CEO/Owner of Ambitious Futures, Investor/COO of Fresh Rootz, INC., CMO of Thusari, Consultant and Marketing Director Of PTS Therapy

Investor and CMO of Fresh Rootz, INC., Fatima's background in public relations, brand development & management, business operations, and as a successful entrepreneur as well, her contributions to the company focus on the concept, branding, daily operations, community  involvement, and marketing while focusing on the health and wellness components.

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