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About Fresh RootzTM 

Fresh RootzTM is a Fresh Raw Juice, juice bar, made up of a collaborative team of individuals who came together because of their passion for health and wellness. After years of their individual journeys, researching the benefits of different foods, natural herbs, and holistic healing, the team collectively created a line of fresh raw juices. With six main raw juices, filled with various vitamins and nutrients, they surely will not ONLY help with a variety of health conditions, but also support maintaining healthy living, and STILL be tasty. The Fresh RootzTM concept is so much more than just fresh eats. Creating a "From The Roots" environment for it's customers, Fresh Rootz aims to build and grow within minority communities, offering a space unique to its kind! Each location will offer study spaces, meeting areas, interactive spaces, and plans for future locations to be big enough to host events that will educate and promote health and wellness fields 

Bringing this vision to life, Fatima Tekko, co-owner and brand strategist, launched Fresh Rootz, with investor Noman Siddique in 2019 which led to opening a store front in November 2020, located in Midtown-Detroit, on Wayne State University Campus. With a unique, hub space, that is fully interactive, the concept has been embraced by customers of all age groups. Moving forward Fresh RootzTM has plans to expand into more locations on or near other college campuses, providing a healthy alternative for students and the surrounding communities nationwide!

The variety of the menu includes fresh raw juice, smoothies, energizer refreshers, raw tea, immunity & health pressed shots, flavored coffees, chia, and much more! Other unique components are the suggested 'add-ons' that are featured on the menu; Sea Moss can be added to almost anything being served. These holistic add-ons offer the benefits of pain relief, alleviating cancer related symptoms, reducing inflammation, anxiety, depression, acne, and stress, just to name a few.

Fatima had bigger plans of expanding the menu by adding to-go 'fresh eatz' such as smoothie bowls, acai bowls, fruit cups, and even parfaits. Which led to the opportunity of meetings like-minded individuals focused on healthy living, bringing in investor DeAndre Woodson (DA). Being in full support of the Fresh RootzTM concept, DeAndre added the idea of wraps and specialty vegan food options, it completed the menu at Fresh RootzTM. Health enthusiast, Ranard Mitchell, later became a contributor to Fresh RootzTM; specializing in health & wellness, alkaline diets, vegan foods, and Sea Moss! A dynamic team, collaboratively make-up the foundation of this Woman Owned, Black Owned, and Minority Owned Business!    

For more about Fresh Rootz, LLC. visit our social media pages, stop by our location, or give us a

call at (313) 502-5728.